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HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s special fall 2017 issue commemorates HLS’s bicentennial

The special Bicentennial Issue, Number 9, features these Essays as its contents:
• “Marking 200 Years of Legal Education: Traditions of Change, Reasoned Debate, and Finding Differences and Commonalities,” by Martha Minow
• “Race Liberalism and the Deradicalization of Racial Reform,” by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw
• “The Socratic Method in the Age of Trauma,” by Jeannie Suk Gersen
• [...]

Benefit Tulane PILF Series

Hot Topics in the Legal Profession – 2017 analyzes changes and challenges in the 2010s

Current important events in the legal profession and legal ethics, with useful research and analysis of the rules and the profession’s current challenges, are analyzed by Tulane law students who participated spring 2017 in an Advanced Legal Profession Seminar. The contents of the volume include:
FOREWORD: Ethics and the Legal Profession in a Decade of Continuing [...]


HARVARD LAW REVIEW’s June ‘17 issue: Dworkin’s reply to Hart, police expertise, and foreign affairs federalism

The June 2017 issue, Number 8, features these extensive contents:
• Article, “The Judicial Presumption of Police Expertise,” by Anna Lvovsky
• Essay, “The Debate That Never Was,” by Nicos Stavropoulos
• Essay, “Hart’s Posthumous Reply,” by Ronald Dworkin
• Book Review, “Cooperative and Uncooperative Foreign Affairs Federalism,” by Jean Galbraith
• Note, “Rethinking Actual Causation in Tort Law”
• Note, [...]

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