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Lawrence Friedman’s new Frank May Mystery has will-seekers coming out of the woodwork

Frank May’s law practice is mostly estate planning. Nothing is further from his mind than murder … but mysterious deaths somehow seem to pursue him. This time, it’s the body of a woman, murdered and hidden on the grounds of the home in Los Altos Hills, California, owned by a new, young client, Freddy Lucas. [...]


Classic memoir of escaping from Georgia chain gang gets digitally remastered™ as new ebook, hardcover & paperback

This classic book tells the harrowing and inspirational story of Robert Elliott Burns’ imprisonment on a chain gang in Georgia in the 1920s, his subsequent escape from the chain gang (twice, no less!), and the public furor that developed. The book was immediately turned into a famous movie and sparked outrage about prison conditions and [...]

Benefit Tulane PILF Series

Hot Topics in the Legal Profession – 2017 analyzes changes and challenges in the 2010s

Current important events in the legal profession and legal ethics, with useful research and analysis of the rules and the profession’s current challenges, are analyzed by Tulane law students who participated spring 2017 in an Advanced Legal Profession Seminar. The contents of the volume include:
FOREWORD: Ethics and the Legal Profession in a Decade of Continuing [...]

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